Saddle Saver™

Protect Your Ride
with the Saddle Saver

Protect Your Ride
with the Saddle Saver

Makes a perfect addition to our Companion Organizers so you’re always Ready2Ride!

Your saddle is one of three rider contact points on your bike and arguably the most significant. Not only does your saddle provide support and comfort, but it is also an integral part of the appearance of your ride, don’t leave it unprotected. The Saddle Saver was designed to fit on a wide range of saddles, so whether you need to perform repairs on the road, while hitting the trails, or DIY at home, protect your saddle with the Saddle Saver.


COMPACT DESIGN easily fits in your saddle bag or hydration pack

PROTECTS your saddle when performing emergency repairs on the road or trail

RESISTS unwanted grease marks by the professional or DIY mechanic

EXTRA PROTECTION when transporting your bike

FITS most road, mountain and lifestyle saddles

Easy to Install

Use at Home

Use on the Road

Meet the
Rest of family

With Cat5Gear you're
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