Our flagship product is designed
to store all of your cycling gear
in one secure place.

Thanks to a recent shout out from Brian @ YOUTUBE channel BKXC we had a nice sales bump and are currently
SOLD OUT of our Cyclist Cases. Don’t worry we are making more, and you can Pre-Order Now for April delivery.
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Always be Ready2Ride with
The Cyclist Case

Be Ready2Ride with the

Cyclist Case

With over 2000 cubic inches of organized, optimized space,the Cyclist Case carries everything you need so you’re always Ready2Ride.

Integrated checklist,
be prepared, have your gear

Multiple mesh panel
design allows airflow to
your helmet and shoes.

Separate compartments and
multiple mesh pockets for
your helmet, shoes, heart rate
monitor and other gear

Rigid wall construction
protects your cycling gear

2 Exterior adjustable
water bottle holders

Convenient handle plus
an embroidered, removable
shoulder strap for optimum
carrying flexibility

Over 2000
cubic inches
of organized,

The Cyclist Case
carries everything
you need so you’re
always Ready2Ride.

Accessorize with five sensational shades to choose from.

For our off-road warrior friends... sorry, it doesn’t come in mud.



Our Cyclist Case is a big hit! Check out the links to the great reviews below from Bike Mags, YouTubers,
even the Huffington Post. A huge thank you to all the individuals and organizations that have taken the
time to review our product, we couldn't ask for a better way to help get the message out.

Go Ahead... Get Dirty!

The SAC keeps dirt contained

The case has a
New best fRiend

So go ahead...
get dirty!

The SAC keeps dirt contained
and out
of your case,
car and home.

Be Ready For Anything With Our
Companion Pocket Organizers

Protect your Saddle

during repairs at home
and on the road with the
Saddle Saver

Custom EMbroIdery

Custom EMbroIdery

Promote your shop, company, team or event with customized products everyone will love. On volume orders
we can custom embroider, heat stamp or silk screen our Cyclist Case, Mini Companion or The Sac with your logo(s).
Contact us at or call 905-308-0584 for assistance.

Bike Shops

Our popular Cyclist Case is perfect for promoting your store brand with a unique product your customers will love.

Clubs & Teams

Promote your club or team with a personalised case with logo and rider name that everyone will actually use.

Special Events

Jerseys... been there, done that. Promote your event with a product that riders will use every day, not just on race day.


in North America on orders of $100 or more!

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