Go Ahead Get Dirty!

The SAC has Your Back!

More and more cyclists today participate in multiple cycling disciplines. Road and mountain biking are more popular than ever and CX races and bikes are trending up. This means shoes and cycling apparel will also be getting a full workout so we saw a need and designed the SAC. Have you been out on the trails and your shoes and socks are caked with mud? On a road ride and caught in a downpour and your jersey is soaking wet and full of grit? Fine-tuning your CX skills and your shorts took the brunt of a fall? Keep dirty riding shoes or soiled clothing contained with the SAC. The SAC has been specifically designed to fit into one of the main compartments of our cyclist case, or use on its own.


CONTAIN dirt and keep your cyclist case clean

EASY PULL drawstring

SEPARATE zippered pouch for smaller items or valuables

NYLON construction for easy cleaning

DESIGNED to fit most road, mountain and winter cycling shoes

You might Love it

Your Case... not so much
Keep dirt contained!

Wherever you ride, keep your
case, car, and home clean with The Sac!

Fits Shoes/Clothing

Draws Closed

Convenient Hanger

Meet the
Rest of family

With Cat5Gear you're
always Ready2Ride!

The Cat5Gear Cyclist Case holds evertything you need to be Ready2Ride. Carry all the essentials with our
Companion pocket organizers, and don't forget to pack the Saddle Saver, to protect your saddle during on=road repairs.